BE SEEN - Lighting is critical!

Why do we need a light?

If you cannot be seen clearly, you become a disembodied voice and you are less likely to be listened to. Talking to a shadowy silhouette is rarely a good experience for either side of the conversation. 


  • Light is hard to manage as room lighting and light from a window is rarely enough and is very variable. 

  • You need a light source that is positioned behind your PC/ laptop to light your face.

  • It ideally should be adjustable both in terms of angle and light intensity so you can be clearly visible on bright days and dark afternoons but not washed out by too bright a light. 

  • Avoid a window as a backdrop:
    Its creates a backlighting effect and can make it hard to see your face. It can be distracting as outside lighting changes. 

  • Ensure you use video where possible (and insist other participants do too!) eye contact is much more engaging and makes it less possible for the audience to multitask! 


Why our light?

  • Our ring light is compact, will easily fit on your desk and you can alter brightness and also tone from white light to softer, yellow light. Other lights we tested had a bigger footprint and had less functionality. You can adjust angles to get the right amount on your face for it to be flattering and to make you clearly visible.

  • Our ring light is durable and able to withstand day to day knocks in normal use. The base is sturdy and isn’t liable to slip down whilst in use!