BE HEARD - It's vital!

We've all sat through deathly dull digital events, with a monotone presenter droning on in a voice that should be bottled and marketed as a cure for insomnia. Or perhaps we've just struggled to hear what the other person is saying and simply zoned out.

On teleconferences and video calls, the vast majority of your message depends on your voice. You are missing most or all of the 50% of your message that is typically understood through body language.

  • You cannot talk “normally” and expect it to be effective. You have to work your voice much harder for it to sound clear and engaging to digital audiences.

  • To be able to do that also requires you to have a good microphone. The built in microphones on most laptops just aren’t that good.

    • If you sit back at all from the screen you can’t be heard well or clearly.

    • Most are also very narrowly directional, only picking up sound well from directly in front of the laptop. Moving your head to either side, you lose your voice and other participants either can’t hear you or hear a weird phasing in and out noise.

  • Our microphone will ensure that you can be clearly heard even when you move around and will deliver a rich quality of sound to the other meeting participants.

Why our microphone?

  • There are many cheaper microphones out there and we tested a good number of them! Many needed drivers installing, or didn’t provide consistent, high quality sound. Others simply felt as they wouldn’t survive an accidental knock from your desk…

  • We selected a microphone with easy controls - an easily accessible volume control on the microphone itself and simple USB plug and play connection. No need for additional software or power supplies.