BE CLEAR - Why use a green screen?

Backgrounds can be distracting and detract from what you have to say.
People will not concentrate on you if they are distracted by your dirty laundry pile in the background or wondering about your taste in wall art.


  • A neutral background is ideal but given you are working at home and most of us don’t have a space to use exclusively as a meeting room, achieving this can be challenging

  • Animals, children and people wandering in and out behind you can be really distracting and totally take away the focus from what you are saying.

  • Plants or pictures in the background can look like they’re embedded in your head and can create some comical and distracting sights!

  • You can of course use virtual backgrounds in most online platforms but their effectiveness varies depending on lighting and what you have behind you. Using them, if you look ghost like and your face or hands disappear when you move fractionally, can be even more distracting than domestic backgrounds. Avoid “Novelty” backgrounds of space ships and jungles etc which in themselves can be highly distracting.

Why our greenscreen? 

We have selected a heavy duty, double sided green screen, rather than the lighter weight option. This way you get less creases, a blue or green option and no ‘gaps’ in the background that we found using a cheaper option.

  • Our screen will also provide a neutral green or blue background (it's reversible) and the blue in particular, can also be used as a simple, neutral background.

  • Virtual backgrounds appeared sharp when we tested them, unlike some of the cheaper screens, which still showed 'fuzzy' effects around hair in particular.